” The real alchemy is transforming the base self into gold or into spiritual awareness.  That’s really what new alchemy is all about.”

-Fred Alan Wolf, American Physicist

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Laura Purnell, Ph.D., ACHT, offers experiential training programs and transformational coaching focused on heart-centered living and leading. Her work helps individuals and teams take leadership, wellness and consciousness to new heights as they work toward meaningful outcomes.

Laura Purnell

Laura is integrating her experiences as an urban school superintendent, principal coach, and professional developer working with leaders focused on school transformation and educational equity, with her experiences and training in Advanced Heart Centered Hypnotherapy, Comprehensive Energy Psychology, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Reiki.

Areas of focus and expertise center on individual and group transformation. Frequently requested workshops include Cultural Competence: Conscious Leadership in a Complex World; Beyond Survival: Thriving in an Era of Complexity & Change; Vertical Development: Focus on Being & Relating; and Trauma Informed Practice. In addition, Laura uses a variety of healing practices with individuals seeking physical, mental, emotional and spiritual coherence.