Thrive at Work: Integrating Consciousness, Leadership & Wellness for Results (flyer attached)

Educator as First Responder: Understanding the Impact of Adult Trauma and Drama in Schools
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Cultural Competence: Providing Ethical Responses and Services in Schools
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Cultural Competence: Conscious Leadership in a VUCA World

Most professional organizations and associations have identified professional standards or competencies related to cultural competence. In the context of an increasingly VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous), it is essential that therapists, educators, health care providers, clergy, coaches, public officials, and those whose purpose is to help bring healing to our planet, be culturally competent. This includes a call for knowledge, reflection and culturally responsive action focused on making appropriate services available to all, especially traditionally underserved groups of people.

Beyond Survival: Thriving in an Era of Complexity and Change

You will be introduced to a new, research-based, and transformational model for both leadership and wellness that has great potential for generating hope and facilitating change. The Integrated Performance Model (Alan Watkins, 2014), suggests that the results we seek, both personally and professionally, and, individually and collectively, depend on much more than our behavior. Coherence is what drives behavior and helps us to achieve desired results. You will get strategies for developing coherence, measuring coherence, and for managing energy to maintain and sustain coherence.

In a world characterized as volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous and where most of us are faced with challenges that have been described by some as “wicked problems,” many are working tirelessly to simply survive. The Integrated Performance Model proposes that we can be brilliant every day and bring our best thinking to all that we do and to all that we serve. This model and associated strategies will become your valuable tool for heart-centered living and leading.

Stop the DRAMA

This workshop introduces individuals and teams to a model for understanding and overcoming key barriers to energy management, problem solving, and healthy relationships. Key concepts for helping groups and individuals in achieving desired results:

  • Mastering Our Emotional States: The KEY to success
  • The Drama Triangle
  • The Empowerment Dynamic

Energy and Matters of the Heart

This is a foundational, far-reaching workshop, that introduces the key principles of heart-centered living and leading:

  • Integrated Performance Model & Personal/ Team Development
  • Coherence & Doing, Being, Relating
  • Energy management is more important than time management
  • Harnessing the power of the heart is critical to well-being and achieving goals

The Love Principal

Heart-Centered School Leadership offers a new paradigm for school leaders – heart-centered leaders understand that the potential for creating schools where children learn to read, write, speak, listen, think, create, move, be mindful, and cultivate peace begins with their own transformation!

Cultural Proficiency: A Framework for Understanding the Impact of Race/Ethnicity and Poverty on Student Achievement

Historic cultural vignettes and real-life stories are used to introduce participants to five principles of cultural proficiency. These principles serve as a common foundation and shared language for discussion and problem-solving given complex educational issues influenced by race/ethnicity and poverty.

Laura brings three decades of experience as a white woman educator serving in urban settings, along with her sense of humor, purpose and vulnerability, to each session. This work is consistently rated by participants as relevant, real, and valuable for creating schools characterized by equity and purpose.

Letting Go Weekend

Sometimes we hold on to things that don’t serve us. They might be ideas, beliefs, fears, expectations, even people. Letting Go sets us free and opens the door to healing.

Thrive: verb: to flourish or grow vigorously

  • Wellness Workshop
  • Stressed? Struggling mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally
  • Curious and open to developing practices that facilitate greater health, happiness & success?
  • Experience guided visualization, breath work, strategies for managing energy & much more!

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