Thriving: Tips for Managing Your Energy

Autumn View

Laura Purnell, Ph.D., ACHT

The last day of summer was International Peace Day. I had the privilege of sitting in a circle with a beloved community around a fire singing and drumming. As the sun set, we gathered in a teepee at White Barn Healing Arts, collectively centered in meditation for world peace.

Experiencing peace in one’ heart is requisite to peace in one’s family, community, country and world. When our hearts and our minds are in alignment, we are in a state called coherence. When what we are feeling and what we are thinking are congruent, we experience a sense of peace. When we sustain this inner peace, we experience healing-mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We then have the energy and light necessary to bring peace to the planet.

Managing our energy is one of the best ways to develop coherence. In our volatile, uncertain, complex, and often ambiguous world, energy management is more important than time management. We can manage our energy by responding rather than reacting to people and situations; shifting from negative thinking to positive thinking; associating with people and teams whose energy is characterized by the higher vibrations associated with acceptance, reason, joy, love and peace; and by being present in the moment.

Fall in northeast Ohio is exquisite. As the glorious maples, buckeyes and birch trees burst forth in autumn colors, freeing what they no longer need, they settle in for a season of rest. Managing energy is natural for trees and many creatures great and small. What a great time this is for releasing that which no longer serves your greatest and highest good!

Peace to all. Life to all. Love to all.

Published in The Women’s Journal

Summit, Stark and Portage Counties

October/November 2017