“I recognize my role in the Drama Triangle and this awareness will help me improve my relationships at work and at home.”

Corporate Employee, Newbury, Ohio

“This woman walks and teaches in advocacy and hope. She is a turbine with a power-point presentation and real-life stories, unhesitatingly facing race relations, cultural-blindness, white privilege/fragility, inequitable outcomes, and our responsibility for developing cultural competence and taking action in a complex and waking world.”

Doctoral student in Transpersonal Psychology

“You have been an awesome mentor! I so look forward to working with you, learning from you and with you. I honestly do not believe I have ever visited school buildings with someone who was as respected and appreciated by staff as you are. “


“The meditation techniques you taught us have really decreased my migraines and allowed me to better respond to stress. Thank you for sharing sacred timeless strategies with us. I look forward to seeing you soon. I appreciate your holistic support during my first year in a new district and new state.”

Principal, Cleveland, Ohio

“I appreciated and benefited from the Heart-Centered experience the most of all the leadership sessions. I was completely surprised to witness the healing that took place within such a small amount of time.”

Assistant Principal, Cleveland, Ohio