Individual Work

Laura uses a variety of healing practices with individuals seeking physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. Services include: Lumina Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, Breath Work, Reiki and Color & Sound Energy Healing.


Heart-centered coaching is a great tool for sustained leadership growth and development. It is an opportunity to live the principle that energy matters a lot. While working with Laura – who offers committed listening and powerful questioning – transformation can occur. Coaching relationships are based on mutual respect and shared commitment to goals that evoke purpose and passion. When one surrenders the ego in favor of what is to be learned and needs to be accomplished, change can occur. The ultimate goal is personal empowerment and well-being.

Master Mind Groups

There is a great deal of potential and energy when groups of like-hearted and like-minded people come together to support one another’s learning and success regardless of obstacles that arise. Master Mind’s may be groups of 3-4 people that know each other and want to embark on a learning journey together, or they may be random groups choosing to come together around a shared vision or purpose. Groups typically meet twice per month in person, via skype, conference call or in a combination of meeting types. Laura facilitates MM groups. Watch for postings regarding Laura’s upcoming Master Mind Groups, and for more information about engaging in this type of coaching relationship.